Min Qolbi

"Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest." (13:28)


salam wrt,

there is a fine line between routine and actually doing something all out with your heart and soul. you might be doing both of them with all the strength you can possibly muster, you might be doing them at a seemingly impressive way as though you own it. but beware, those two carry different consequences.

the former; you'll probably end up with fatigue and unsatisfaction at the end of the day. the latter; you'll probably feel as if the whole world conspired to help you in doing whatever it is you're doing and thus with it, satisfaction comes along.

and what discriminates them from each other is your intention.

don't make a routine out of something magnificient Allah has granted you the opportunity to do. don't make a routine of of it just because you have been doing it for years now. don't make a routine of it because you think that's the only way you should be doing it.

the gift you have in your hands is something not to be routinized. get your intentions straight and start doing it the right way - "un"routinely as you possibly can. Remember Him every step of the way.

why do i feel so bashed up after reading my own entry?? urgh, it's not really a good feeling. means i have to do more than what i actually write.

and again, it goes back to our intentions. that's why it's the first hadith in An-Nawawi.

a short entry before continuing "de"routinizing my routine. =)



i miss you too dear.
so much (^3^)/
i'm good here,
just hating winter like always..
can't imagine how you're doing there with -20°C urgh (T^T)
(hate summer too btw~)
(spring holiday please come fasterrr)